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[자매학회] 영상영어교육학회 21권2호(국제호) 논문투고 연장 안내
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자매학회 여러분 안녕하세요

이번에 저희 국제호 연장에 대해서 공지가 나와 회원님들께 전달 부탁드립니다.

얼른 빨리 COVID-19가 마무리되어 정상적인 학교 생활이 이루어졌으면 좋겠습니다.

영상영어교육학회 총무

이연준 드림

영상영어교육학회 임원 및 회원분들께,

코로나 대유행병으로 일상이 위협을 받고 대학들이 전면 원격수업을 시행하는 상황에 처하여 다방면으로 분주하리라 생각됩니다. 어려운 시기에도 논문을 투고하시려는 분들의 요청이 있어 2020년 5월 31일에 발행할 예정인 영상영어교육 21권 2호(국제호)의 논마감일을 4월 15일로 연장합니다.

논문투고 안내에 관하여 말씀을 드리오니 회원 여러분의 많은 관심과 참여를 부탁 드립니다.

영상영어교육학회  온라인 투고시스템이용해 투고해 주시길 바랍니다( -- >> Online Paper Submission)

아울러 논문을 준비하고 계신 교수님들께서는 투고 의사를 미리 밝혀주시면 감사드리겠습니다.

코로나 19로 힘든 시기에 모두 건강지키시길 바랍니다.

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<논문투고 및 편집 문의>

학술이사 임미진 




STEM Call for Papers and Publication Information


All manuscripts submitted to STEM must address the implications and applications of research in English teaching and learning through movies, TV dramas, and other media. In the case of research on linguistics and literature, it must be relevant to using movies or multimedia.


STEM invites submissions in the following topics:

Topics and contents should be related to a theory of teaching English and its acquisition and practice in the classroom through using visualmedia such as movies, TV dramas, and games, various multimedia such as web-based contents, mobile apps, and educational appliances, graphic novels and comics. Any article from adjacent studies such as linguistics or literature should contain the educational and pedagogical implications for language learning and teaching through the media mentioned above.


In addition, they must present original insights in the field as manuscripts that have not been previously published elsewhere.

Submissions must include a two hundred word abstract and at least three key words (Indicate the word count in parentheses.). Send one electronic copy of the manuscript to the editor using MS word (ver.2003 or higher version) as attachment. In the accompanying paper, please specify the author’s manuscript title, name, address, phone number (home, office, and cell phone), fax number, and email address.

Submissions should not exceed 25 pages in length including references (at least 15 pages). The manuscript should be written on A4 paper. APA style is used for text, references, and notes. Detailed style guidelines, including examples, are available on the STEM web site:


1. The manuscript style

1) Margins and Line Spacing

The left and right margins should be 4.2 cm; the top margin 5 cm, bottom margin 5.2 cm; the top header, 4.2 cm; the bottom header, 1 cm. The line spacing of the title, the main text, and the reference list should be set to 14.5-point, while that of the abstract should be set to 12.5-point, and footnotes should be set to 10-point.


2) Font and size

title: 14-point Arial font

main text: 10-point Times New Roman font

abstract: 9-point Times New Roman font

footnote: 8-point Times New Roman font

reference: 10-point Times New Roman font


The submission due dates are as follows.

(1) issue 1: December 31 (for February 28 publication)

(2) issue 2: extended to April 15 (for May 31 publication) - International issue

(3) issue 3: June 30 (for August 31 publication)

(4) issue 4: September 30 (for November 30 publication) - International issue


2. Other Important Guidelines


1) Manuscripts will be acknowledged by the editor upon receipt. STEM Journal uses the blind review system. Articles submitted will be sent to three reviewers whose area of expertise includes the subject of the manuscript. The manuscript will be rated by reviewers as “publish without revisions,” “publish with revisions,” “revise and submit for reevaluation,” or “reject.” The writer will be informed of whether the article will be published or not about a month after the submission deadline.

2) The correction of the manuscript proof will be the responsibility of the author.

3) The author must pay a small amount of the printing fee for publication. If the total page number exceeds the standard total page number, the author must pay an extra 10, 000 won per page.


3. Manuscript submission


Online submission ->


First-time users will be asked to register. If you have any question, ask the journal editor via email (


STEM Call for Movie/Book Review


We are also inviting readers to propose books, movies, games, graphic novels or multimedia programs that they wish to review. Books should be rooted in scholarly analysis and critique and movies should include a general review and can be targeted at practitioners in the field of ELT. Reviews should be up to 3 pages of A4-size paper. Please send ideas to


Lee, Junkyu
Chief Editor, STEM




Im, Mijin

Publication Committee, STEM



이전글 [자매학회] 팬코리아영어교육학회 <영어교육연구> 32권 2호 논문 투고 연장 안내
다음글 [한국외국어교육학회] 2020년 국제학술대회 발표 원고 모집